About Awana

Awana is an enthusiastic children’s program. At Springbrook we have clubs for Kindergarten through 6th grade. It may appear to a casual observer to be little more than an appealing game activity coupled with a system of Awana - Because Kids Matter to God motivational awards. However, the club program and teaching materials have been perfected over 60 year of use to be a highly successful Bible teaching tool. The purpose is succinctly declared in the pledge to the Awana flag as that of reaching all children with the gospel of Christ and also training them to serve the Savior. Our Awana Club meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the ministry center.

Ministry Serving Opportunities

We need many more leaders to impact the lives of kids. Anyone who has a new life in Christ and a love for Him as well as a love for kids can be used in Awana. Teenagers and senior citizens; the physically active as well as the handicapped, new believers and those well-versed in the Bible – all will find a place of challenging service that produces spiritual gain by working in Awana. Becoming a spiritual role model, a friend and encourager in spiritual development and obedience are benefits. All leaders need to regularly attend Springbrook, and be committed to giving Awana nights and leader meetings a priority so there can be effective team work.

Needs in leadership are varied:

  • Directors

    The directors of each club group (Sparks, Truth and Training Boys and Girls) give specific oversight and direction to their particular group for effective club meetings.

  • Game Directors

    The Game Directors plan and prepare exciting games which are essential for each club group.

  • Individual Leaders

    The individual leaders develop an interest and lead relations with their small group.

  • Song Leaders and Bible Teachers

    The Song Leaders and Bible Teachers are important in making God’s Word relevant and practical.

For additional information contact:

Lori Harrison at (847) 854-1419 or email at harrisonlori25@gmail.com